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Gitchee Gumee To Me (1992)

Our long overdue studio follow-up to Bread & Circuses, Gitchee Gumee To Me had a convoluted, complicated birth. While B(h) continued to pack clubs and halls across the continent, the dreaded "industry" failed to embrace our off-center approach. Grunge had gobbled up any momentum that world music had built up in the late 80's and, while we enjoyed the monetary and touring schedule of a seasoned national act, we simply could not find a label capable of buying into our unique style. As a result, we self-funded three sets of recordings over three years: one in New York with Jason Miles and one in Boston with Stu Kimbal, and a final set in Boston, this time with John Agnello. The final 14 tracks were at best eclectic, if not scattered. Finally, in 1992 we were approached by Max Weinberg (long time Bruce Springsteen E-Street drummer and, later, of Conan O'Brien fame), who signed us to his BMG boutique label, Hard Ticket. With EP's all the rage, the label talked us into a truncated release, essentially leaving 7 completed tracks on the shelf. 

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