On The Road

Wake Up and Eat

Anyone whose ever spent a significant time of their lives traveling for a living can attest to the dirty, exhausting, blurred experience known as "The Road". BOP(harvey) lived it like few others. The combined shackles of 8 mouths to feed and an elusive recording contract of substance turned us into road dogs before you could say "cool runnin' vibe". The good news is that we brought our show to literally millions of people like you. The bad news is that we wrote too few new songs and had too few times away from each other to decompress. We grew closer than family in many ways, and more sick of each other in time than anyone deserved. But, and by far most importantly, the road honed our skills, night after night, and made us the killer act that few could resist. I'm sure if you asked any of us, we'd rather get a tooth drilled than get into a tour bus, and yet, all these years later, there are more hilarious stories than we have time to recount or you have time to read. Instead, look at these ridiculous pictures and laugh along with us.

Straight From Our Personal Archives

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