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The 8 x 10 Bootleg (1991)

One of our regular East Coast venues was the 8 x 10 in Baltimore. The owner, Giles, was a great guy; we once ate dinner at his house and collectively watched the final episode of "Dallas" together. Such were the times. One evening in 1990, as the band was setting up, we were approached by a young guy wielding a portable DAT recorder and a stereo microphone (rather fancy technology at the times). He asked if he could record us. We agreed, on the condition that we could have a copy and do with it as we pleased. The bargain was struck, the gig was fierce, and the tapes sounded good. Damn good, in fact. So much so that they became our newest release that Spring, buoying the fan base while we continued chipping away at our next studio album. A couple of tracks here have never appeared anywhere else. Keep in mind that this was a 2-track recording, without the benefit of any overdubs or tweaks. It still represents a fine, if informal, snapshot of a solid B(h) performance in a great club, in a great town, in front of a great audience - one of many.

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