Way back when, a rag-tag bunch of Michigan yahoos thought it’d be fun to mix a little reggae and ska and play for beer money on street corners. Three decades, nine records, 2000+ shows, 48 states, 3 countries, five presidents, four wars, and a lot of beer later, BOP(Harvey) is STILL cranking out their danceable, chunky, horny razzmatazz to legions of smiling, bug-eyed bootie shakers -- all of whom SWEAR that this band’s music is the antidote for everything that ails ya. C’mon in and bop around with us.

A Public Service Message That You Need To Hear

BOP(harvey) deemed a danger to your health!

"The new t-shirts are here! The new t-shirts are here!"

Get 'em while they're HOT

Were YOU at the knock-down-drag-out Magic Bag show in February?

Sold out on a -5˚ night!

Remember when we put the squeeze on late night TV?

Schooling Mr. O'brien

Thirty Years in Thirty Pictures

Double click 'em for a closer look

Listen Up!

Big News!

Wanna hear a never-before released BOP(harvey) tune that's been sealed in the vaults since 1992? Well, here it is, baby:

Do Your Duty:

I Got Yer Facebook Page Right Here, Little Man


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